Premier League and La Liga Clubs Consider Boycott of Club World Cup

Premier League and La Liga Club World Cup boycott

Premier League and La Liga clubs are contemplating a boycott of the upcoming Club World Cup due to concerns about player fatigue and scheduling challenges. The current format of the Club World Cup, held in December and featuring continental champions like 2023 Champions League winners Manchester City, is set for a major overhaul. The proposed revamp, designed to rival a potential European Super League, would include 32 teams from across continents.

Reports indicate that English and Spanish clubs are hesitant to participate in the revamped tournament next summer, with potential legal action against FIFA on the table.

Premier League and La Liga Concerns
Key figures express worries over player workload.

According to sources like Goal, Richard Masters, the Premier League chief, and Javier Tebas, La Liga President, are leading voices expressing apprehensions over the proposed tournament schedule. At the recent FIFPRO Player Workload Conference, concerns were raised about the strain on players, describing the current schedule as overly demanding. Moreover, this discussion follows a notable 11% increase in injuries during the 2023/24 Premier League season, despite the prior season’s World Cup interruption. This trend raises questions about the impact of scheduling on players’ physical condition.

Potential Player Action
Players’ union chief warns of possible strikes.

Maheta Molongo, head of the PFA, highlighted players’ dissatisfaction and potential actions if their welfare continues to be neglected. Speaking to the BBC, Molongo emphasized that players might consider drastic measures like strikes if necessary steps aren’t taken to address workload concerns.

Potential Legal Consequences
FIFA faces the prospect of legal challenges.

If FIFA doesn’t address the clubs’ concerns and adjust the Club World Cup plans, they could face legal challenges from domestic leagues like La Liga and the Premier League.

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