Reggie Bush Reclaims Heisman Trophy 14 Years After Forfeiture

Reggie Bush Heisman Trophy reinstatement

In a historic turn of events, Reggie Bush has been awarded back his 2005 Heisman Trophy, following a decision by the Heisman Trust. This move comes after Bush voluntarily forfeited the prestigious award in 2010 due to NCAA sanctions against USC. The Heisman Trust cited significant changes in college athletics, particularly regarding student-athlete compensation, as the basis for this decision. Bush expressed his delight at rejoining the “Heisman family” and looks forward to contributing to its mission.

The reinstatement ceremony, attended by several Heisman winners, was described as celebratory. Notable support for Bush’s reinstatement came from fellow Heisman recipients, including Johnny Manziel, who vowed to boycott ceremonies until Bush received his trophy.

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This decision not only restores Bush’s honor but also boosts USC’s Heisman count to eight, making it the school with the most Heisman Trophies in the country. USC’s president and athletic director also expressed joy over Bush’s reinstatement, marking a momentous occasion for the Trojan community. Bush’s exceptional college football career, marked by his transcendent talent and numerous accolades, has finally received its due recognition with the return of his Heisman Trophy.

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