Ryan Garcia Shocks with Explosive Remarks at Final Press Conference

Ryan Garcia press conference

Ryan Garcia shocked attendees at the final press conference today with a barrage of controversial remarks aimed at Devin Haney, his opponent for this Saturday’s showdown at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Promoter Eddie Hearn expressed astonishment at Garcia’s unexpected verbal onslaught, which seemed to be a calculated move to stir up attention for the DAZN PPV event.

Hearn, addressing the media, admitted to being taken aback by Garcia’s behavior, speculating on whether this bold approach would elevate Garcia’s performance in the ring or backfire on him come fight night. He emphasized the raw reality of boxing, where fighters are exposed in the most unforgiving manner, hinting at the intense showdown awaiting on Saturday.

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Meanwhile, Oscar De La Hoya, another key figure in Garcia’s camp, painted a picture of grandeur, suggesting that a victory for Garcia over Haney would propel him to the forefront of the sport, alongside luminaries like Canelo Alvarez. De La Hoya touted Garcia’s potential to transcend boxing and become an icon, highlighting his willingness to take on elite competition as a testament to his ambition and courage.

Analyst Sergio Mora weighed in on the upcoming clash, emphasizing the significance of Garcia’s powerful left hand and speculating on which fighter would ultimately prevail in the face of adversity, hinting at the high stakes and thrilling uncertainty surrounding the bout.

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