Taylor Vs. Serrano II: Anticipation Builds Amidst Controversy Ahead of July 20th Showdown

Taylor vs. Serrano II rematch

Undisputed light welterweight female world champion Katie Taylor is set to clash with Amanda Serrano (46-2, 30 KOs) once again on July 20th at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. This highly anticipated rematch, taking place on the undercard of Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson on Netflix, reignites the debate surrounding their previous encounter.

Reflecting on the “Raw Deal” Two years ago, Serrano, 35, left Madison Square Garden in New York feeling robbed after a disputed 10-round split decision favored Taylor (23-1, 6 KOs). Many questioned the judges’ scoring, as Serrano appeared to outclass Taylor throughout the bout.

Judges awarded scores of 96-94 for Serrano, 97-93, and 96-93 for Taylor, prompting widespread confusion and criticism. Serrano’s dominant performance, marked by precise and powerful shots, seemed overshadowed by what some deemed hometown bias towards Taylor.

The upcoming rematch in Texas offers a change of scenery, potentially leveling the playing field for Serrano away from the influence of pro-Taylor crowds. With Serrano’s recent impressive form in her last four fights, expectations favor her over the 37-year-old Taylor, who suffered a recent defeat.

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As anticipation mounts for the July 20th showdown, fans eagerly await the opportunity for the rightful victor to be determined, hoping for fair and accurate scoring to crown the undisputed queen of the light welterweight division.

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