Toronto Blue Jays 2024: Are They Struggling?

Toronto Blue Jays 2024 struggles

Welcome to the Taco Stand, a light-hearted dive into the Blue Jays, baseball, and other tangentially related topics. Today, we’re addressing the burning question: “Are the 2024 Toronto Blue Jays struggling?”


Well, there you have it, concerned readers. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments… Okay, okay. Yes, they’re struggling. After losing three out of four to the Tigers, I must face the reality: this year’s Blue Jays are struggling. But if you noticed the ellipsis in the title, you’ll know there’s more to discuss.

What Should They Do About It?

The 2024 Toronto Blue Jays are having a tough season. Their hitters fail 80% of the time, the bullpen struggles 70% of the time, but the starting rotation has been solid. (These percentages are hyperbolic, but you get the point. Source: Trust Me, Bro.) Recognizing the problem is the first step. Now, what’s the solution?

Fire (Almost) Everybody

This might not all happen immediately; some changes might wait until the off-season. Here’s what should happen:

1. Leadership Changes:
Mark Shapiro might survive due to his profitability for the owners. However, Ross Atkins needs to go. He has failed twice and shouldn’t get another chance to pick a manager. His management of the farm system has been poor, and while his free agent record is mixed, it’s not enough.

John Schneider, despite his minor league success, hasn’t delivered in the majors. His bullpen usage is questionable, and his lineups are frustrating. I believe there’s a good manager in him, but he needs a fresh start elsewhere. As for Don Mattingly, I’ve made my feelings clear: he should be fired.

2. Coaching Staff:
Keep Matt Hague, the promising hitting coach from the minors. Fire Guillermo Martinez and Hunter Mense. On the pitching side, retain Pete Walker for his work with the rotation, but Jeff Ware and David Howell need to go.

3. Interim Solutions:
Install James Click as interim GM and either DeMarlo Hale or Pete Walker as interim Manager. Let them fill their staff with no long-term commitments. This won’t attract high-profile candidates, but that’s the price for current mismanagement. Use the off-season to find the most qualified permanent hires.

Call Up Some Prospects

Bring up Orelvis Martinez, Addison Barger, and Spencer Horwitz. Play them regularly to assess their potential.

DFA and Options:

  1. Daniel Vogelbach: He’s not contributing much, playing only sporadically.
  2. Justin Turner: Despite the risk of him finding form elsewhere, he’s blocking prospects’ playing time.
  3. Cavan Biggio: He’s decent, but we know his ceiling. Use his option.
  4. Ernie Clement: DFA him if necessary, hoping he clears waivers for a potential return to Buffalo.

Trade Pending Free Agents

Avoid major trades until a permanent GM is in place, but manage pending free agents efficiently. Trade Yusei Kikuchi, Yimi Garcia, and possibly Kevin Kiermaier and Trevor Richards. Try to extend Danny Jansen instead of trading him.

In summary, significant changes should wait until the off-season for thorough evaluation. Under Atkins, the team is stuck in a frustrating cycle.

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Well, that’s the current state, Blue Jays fans. Do you agree or disagree? Would you rather I provide some cheer? Good news on that front: this wasn’t the planned Taco Stand post, but the Detroit series pushed me to write this. Expect a more upbeat article soon. As always, share your thoughts in the comments. Your feedback keeps this from being just an incoherent ramble!

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