UConn Favored to Repeat in Men’s March Madness 2024, Experts Say


In a survey conducted by ESPN’s panel of experts, the consensus is clear: the UConn Huskies are the team to beat in the Men’s March Madness 2024 tournament. With an overwhelming 83% of the vote to win the East Region, the defending champions are poised to continue their dominance. Despite some contenders like Iowa State, Illinois, and Auburn gaining a few votes, the experts with their March Madness 2024 predictions largely believe UConn will maintain their winning streak.

In the South Region, the competition is more evenly matched. While Houston and Kentucky each received 28 votes, Marquette and Duke also have supporters in the mix. However, a few daring picks, including NC State and Texas A&M, hint at the unpredictability of March Madness.

The Midwest Region sees a split opinion between Purdue and Tennessee, with the latter slightly edging out in expert predictions. Creighton, Kansas, and Gonzaga also have their backers, showcasing the uncertainty surrounding this region.

Heading to the West, North Carolina emerges as the favored team, with Arizona closely trailing behind. Baylor, the 2021 champions, also garners attention from experts.

Ultimately, UConn emerges as the top pick for the national championship, with over 57% of experts backing them for a back-to-back win. North Carolina, Houston, Tennessee, and Purdue also receive significant consideration. As the tournament unfolds, fans eagerly await to see if the experts’ predictions align with the on-court action.

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