Usyk’s Camp Teases Fury’s ‘Slim’ Look Ahead of Heavyweight Showdown

Usyk vs Fury, Tyson Fury, slim appearance

In anticipation of their highly anticipated clash for the undisputed heavyweight championship, Oleksandr Usyk’s camp couldn’t help but comment on Tyson Fury’s noticeably slimmer physique during their grand arrivals in Riyadh. Usyk himself remarked on Fury’s new appearance, describing him as “skinny” compared to his usual build.

Alex Krassyuk, Usyk’s promoter, offered an intriguing theory behind Fury’s weight loss, attributing it to nerves ahead of the big fight. He likened Fury’s transformation to being akin to a middleweight, suggesting that the pressure of the upcoming bout may have prompted the drastic change.

While acknowledging Fury’s efforts to shed pounds, Krassyuk cautioned against such drastic alterations to a fighter’s body, expressing concern that it could potentially weaken Fury. Despite his thinner frame, Krassyuk noted that Fury still appeared to carry excess weight for a heavyweight contender, dubbing him “fat skinny.”

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The discourse around Fury’s weight loss comes amidst speculation about its impact on his performance against the formidable Usyk. While Fury’s camp may view the transformation as a strategic advantage, Usyk’s team remains skeptical about its efficacy in the ring.

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