Xavi Criticizes Referee’s Performance in Barcelona’s Champions League Exit

 Barcelona Champions League exit

Barcelona’s manager Xavi voiced frustration over his team’s elimination from the Champions League quarterfinals, attributing their loss to Paris Saint-Germain to what he labeled as a “disastrous” performance by referee István Kovács. Despite Barcelona’s lead from the first leg, they suffered a 4-1 defeat on the night, with Ronald Araújo’s red card drastically altering the match.

Controversy arose over Kovács’ handling of the game, as he issued a total of 12 cards, including three reds, leading to a loss of control over the proceedings. Former Barcelona player Ousmane Dembélé capitalized on PSG’s numerical advantage, scoring a crucial goal before halftime.

Xavi lamented the impact of Araújo’s dismissal, expressing disappointment that a single refereeing decision could overshadow their season’s efforts. Meanwhile, PSG manager Luis Enrique expressed confidence in his team’s victory, believing they would have prevailed regardless of the red card.

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With PSG advancing to the semifinals, they are set to face Borussia Dortmund, who staged a comeback against Atlético Madrid to secure their spot in the next round.

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