The 5 Expansion Cities for an International NFL Team


As the NFL continues to explore opportunities for global expansion, the prospect of an international team joining the league becomes increasingly plausible. With the potential to tap into new markets and cultivate a broader fan base, selecting the right city for such an endeavor is crucial. Here, we examine The 5 Expansion Cities that stand out as prime candidates to host an NFL franchise, considering their past involvement with American football and the enthusiasm of their local fan bases.

1. London, England: The 5 Expansion Cities

Undoubtedly, London emerges as the frontrunner for hosting an international NFL team. Serving as the centerpiece for the NFL International Series since 2007, London has consistently demonstrated its capacity to support professional football games. With an estimated 15 million fans of American football in the United Kingdom, the city boasts a substantial audience base. Moreover, logistical feasibility has been proven through the successful execution of transatlantic travel for NFL games, paving the way for a potential permanent franchise. Speculation surrounding the relocation of teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars further solidifies London’s position as a prime destination for international NFL expansion.

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2. Mexico City, Mexico:

Mexico City emerges as a compelling option for hosting an NFL team, given its rich history with American football and enthusiastic fan base. Having hosted the first international regular-season NFL game in 2005 and setting attendance records, Mexico City has demonstrated its passion for the sport. With over 22 million NFL fans in Mexico, the city offers a vast market for potential expansion. Logistically, establishing a team in Mexico City presents fewer challenges compared to Europe, making it an attractive prospect for the NFL’s global ambitions.

3. Frankfurt, Germany: The 5 Expansion Cities

Frankfurt stands out as a deserving candidate for hosting an international NFL team, given its storied history with American football. The Frankfurt Galaxy, a prominent team in NFL Europa, enjoyed considerable success and boasted impressive attendance figures. With nearly 20 million German fans of American football and a strong tradition of player development, Frankfurt offers a solid foundation for an NFL franchise. The city’s status as a host for the NFL International Series further underscores its potential as a viable expansion location.

4. Toronto, Canada:

Canada presents a promising opportunity for NFL expansion, with Toronto emerging as a leading contender. As the fourth-largest city in North America and home to an estimated 7 million NFL fans, Toronto offers a sizable market for professional football. While the city has hosted NFL games in the past, infrastructure limitations, such as the capacity of the Rogers Centre, may need to be addressed to accommodate a permanent franchise. Nonetheless, Toronto’s enthusiastic fan base and proximity to the United States make it an appealing choice for international NFL expansion.

5. Düsseldorf, Germany: The 5 Expansion Cities

Düsseldorf holds potential as a host city for an NFL team, building on its legacy from the NFL Europa era. With a history of successful American football teams and a passionate fan base, Düsseldorf offers a compelling case for NFL expansion. While the city narrowly missed out on hosting an NFL International Series game in the past, its demonstrated popularity for the sport positions it as a viable candidate for future endeavors.

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Summing it Up:

In conclusion, the NFL’s pursuit of international expansion opens doors to new opportunities and challenges. By considering The 5 Expansion Cities like London, Mexico City, Frankfurt, Toronto, and Düsseldorf, the league can tap into diverse markets and cultivate a truly global fan base. Each city brings its unique strengths and appeal, underscoring the potential for NFL expansion beyond North American borders. As the league continues to explore avenues for growth, selecting the right international host city will be pivotal in shaping the future landscape of professional football.

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