Top 10 NHL Players of All Time: Legends Etched in Ice


The National Hockey League (NHL) boasts a rich tapestry of iconic figures who have left an indelible mark on the sport. Selecting the “top 10” is inherently subjective, as numerous players across eras have contributed significantly with their unique skillsets and leadership qualities. However, some individuals stand out for their sustained excellence, record-breaking achievements, and lasting influence on the game. Here, we explore Top 10 NHL Players who have earned their place among the NHL’s all-time greats:

1. Wayne Gretzky: The Great One

Unquestionably, Wayne Gretzky reigns supreme in the pantheon of NHL legends. His staggering offensive prowess is unparalleled, holding numerous records, including most career points (2,857), most goals (894), and most assists (1,963). Beyond his statistics, Gretzky revolutionized the game with his vision, passing ability, and hockey IQ. His impact transcends individual accolades, fostering a generation of young players inspired by his brilliance.

2. Gordie Howe: Mr. Hockey

Gordie Howe embodies the very essence of resilience and longevity. Nicknamed “Mr. Hockey,” he played an astonishing 26 seasons across six decades! His durability and toughness were legendary, earning him the respect of both teammates and opponents. Although overshadowed by Gretzky’s offensive production, Howe remains a force to be reckoned with, ranking second all-time in goals (801) and points (1,850).

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3. Bobby Orr: The Revolutionary Defenseman

Bobby Orr redefined the role of a defenseman. His offensive prowess, coupled with his exceptional skating ability, changed the way the game was played. He revolutionized the offensive blueliner position, leading the league in scoring as a defenseman in 1970, a feat never replicated since. His offensive contributions, combined with his defensive brilliance, cemented his place as one of the Top 10 NHL Players of all time.

4. Mario Lemieux: The Comeback Kid

Mario Lemieux’s career was a testament to his exceptional talent and unwavering determination. Despite battling health issues, including Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Lemieux established himself as one of the most gifted offensive players. His electrifying skillset and clutch performances earned him two Stanley Cups with the Pittsburgh Penguins. His inspiring comeback story and dominance on the ice solidify his place among the NHL’s all-time greats.

5. Maurice Richard: The Rocket

Maurice Richard, affectionately known as “The Rocket,” was a pioneer for French-Canadian players in the NHL. His electrifying speed and scoring prowess captured the hearts of fans, making him a cultural icon in Quebec. However, his impact extends beyond statistics. He became a symbol of French-Canadian pride and fought for equal representation within the league, paving the way for future generations.

6. Jean Béliveau: The Gentleman of Hockey

Jean Béliveau personified grace, leadership, and sportsmanship. He captained the Montreal Canadiens to a record 10 Stanley Cup championships, displaying exceptional offensive talent and leadership qualities. Beyond his on-ice prowess, Béliveau was admired for his character and humility, earning him the moniker “Le Gros Bill” (The Big Bill) and solidifying his status as one of the most respected figures in NHL history.

7. Sidney Crosby: The Modern Icon

Sidney Crosby, the current captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, is widely regarded as one of the most complete players of his generation. His offensive skillset, combined with his leadership qualities and clutch performances, has earned him numerous accolades, including three Stanley Cup victories and two Olympic gold medals. His dedication to the sport and ability to elevate his performance in crucial moments solidify his place among the modern-day greats.

8. Bobby Hull: The Golden Jet

Bobby Hull, nicknamed “The Golden Jet,” was renowned for his blazing speed and blistering slapshot, one of the most feared weapons in NHL history. He was a prolific scorer, winning three Art Ross Trophies as the league’s leading scorer. His offensive prowess and impact on the game solidify his place among the Top 10 NHL Players and influential players to grace the ice.

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9. Raymond Bourque: The Defenseman’s Dream

Raymond Bourque’s career exemplifies dedication and perseverance. Despite numerous individual accolades and exceptional play, he waited until his 15th season to achieve his ultimate goal: winning the Stanley Cup. His unwavering dedication to the sport and exceptional talent on the ice make him an inspiration to aspiring players and solidify his place among the most remarkable defensemen in NHL history.

10. Alex Ovechkin: The Great Eight

Alex Ovechkin, the current captain of the Washington Capitals, continues to etch his name in the NHL record books. He is the league’s active leader in goals and is on pace to challenge Gretzky’s coveted record. His exceptional goal-scoring ability and powerful one-timer have earned him numerous accolades, including the Hart Memorial Trophy and the Rocket Richard Trophy on multiple occasions. Ovechkin’s pursuit of historical records and his electrifying performances solidify his status as a modern-day legend and a strong contender for a spot among the top 10 NHL players of all time.


Who has the best ice in the NHL?

The Bell Centre

According to a recent survey of 551 NHL athletes conducted during the ongoing regular season, 34.48% favored the Bell Centre for its superior playing conditions.

How many NHL players are on ice at once?

During normal play, there are six players on ice skates on the ice per side, one of them being the goaltender. 

Which country is number 1 in ice hockey?

The current leader in rankings is Canada in both men’s and women’s play.

Where can I find more information about NHL?

NHL Official Website: (

Summing it Up

Selecting the Top 10 NHL Players of all time is inherently subjective, and each individual may have their own preferences based on playing styles, eras, and personal connections. However, the players listed above represent a diverse range of talents and contributions, all leaving an indelible mark on the sport. Their exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and lasting impact on the game continue to inspire generations of players and fans, solidifying their place as legends etched in the ice.

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