Australian Open 2024 Prize Money

The Australian Open, one of the most prestigious Grand Slam Tennis tournaments, is not only a battleground for the world’s top tennis players but also a lucrative event offering substantial prize money. In 2024, the Australian Open 2024 Prize Money has reached a historic high of AUD $86.5 million, reflecting a remarkable 13.07% increase from the previous year. This significant boost demonstrates the tournament’s commitment to rewarding players at every stage and ensuring that the best in the world are appropriately compensated for their skill and dedication.

Australian Open 2024 Prize Money Breakdown

1. Total Prize Pool Increase:

  • The total prize pool for the Australian Open 2024 stands at AUD $86.5 million, marking a remarkable 13.07% increase from the 2023 edition.
  • This historic-high prize money pool underscores the tournament’s commitment to elevating the compensation for players across various rounds.

2. Singles Prize Money:

  • Winner:
  • The singles champions, both men and women, will each receive AUD $3,150,000, showcasing a 5.88% increase from the previous year.
  • The runner-up will earn AUD $1,725,000, reflecting a 6.15% increase from 2023.
  • Prize money increases incrementally for each round, emphasizing a more equitable distribution throughout the competition.

3. Doubles Prize Money:

  • Winners:
  • The doubles champions, both men and women, will share a prize of AUD $730,000, demonstrating a 5.04% increase from the prior year.
  • Runner-ups, semifinalists, and quarterfinalists will also experience substantial percentage increases in their prize money compared to 2023.

4. Mixed Doubles Prize Money:

  • Winners:
    • Mixed doubles champions will receive AUD $165,000, reflecting a 4.60% increase from the previous year.
    • The prize money for runners-up, semifinalists, and quarterfinalists has also seen noteworthy percentage increases.

5. Early-Round Increases:

  • The tournament organizers have prioritized boosting the prize money for early-round participants, with first-round qualifiers, first-round doubles teams, and first-round main draw singles players experiencing increases of 20.19%, 16.22%, and 12.94%, respectively.

6. Tournament Director’s Perspective:

  • Craig Tiley, the Tournament Director, emphasizes the importance of ensuring that the best players globally are compensated appropriately. He expresses that such compensation allows players to invest in their careers and sets them up for success throughout the year.

7. Historical Perspective:

  • The prize money for the Australian Open has undergone a significant transformation over the years, with a more than fourfold increase since 2005 and a doubling from $40 million in 2015. This growth reflects the tournament’s commitment to elevating the stature of the event and attracting top talent.


The Australian Open 2024 promises not only intense on-court action but also substantial financial rewards for the athletes. The record-breaking prize pool reflects the tournament’s dedication to recognizing and rewarding the skill and commitment of tennis players at every level. As the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open sets the tone for the tennis season, and the increased prize money reinforces its position as a premier event in the world of tennis. The substantial increases in various rounds, coupled with the tournament director’s commitment to player welfare, ensure that the Australian Open remains a vital platform for players to showcase their talent and start the tennis season on a high note.

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