How to get your kids in to Cricket


As Spring blossoms into Summer in Britain, cricket clubs across the nation gear up for another exciting season. The anticipation of the game fills the air as volunteers come together to prepare the grounds for matches and training sessions. Central to the vitality of any cricket club are its junior players, the future stars of the sport. Yet, the question arises: How do we ignite the passion for cricket in our children? In this guide, we’ll explore effective strategies to get your kids in to Cricket.

your kids in to Cricket: The Basics of Cricket

One of the fundamental skills in cricket is the ability to throw and catch a ball. These skills not only lay the groundwork for cricket but also enhance hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and confidence in children. Start with a soft sponge ball to facilitate grasping and catching. Begin with short distances, gradually increasing the gap as proficiency grows. Positive reinforcement and rewards play a crucial role in sustaining their interest. As children become adept at catching, introduce them to the thrill of throwing, marking milestones as they progress. Observing older players or adults engage in these activities can serve as inspiration for young cricketers.

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Your kids in to Cricket: A Bat and a Ball

Transitioning from catching to batting marks an exciting phase in a child’s cricket journey. Introduce them to a miniature plastic bat, emphasizing the connection between their bat and those used by professional players. Encourage them to swing the bat as you gently pitch the ball towards them. Focus on fun and enthusiasm rather than technicalities initially. Celebrate their successes and gradually increase the complexity of the game, step by step. The objective is to instill a love for hitting the ball and enjoying the game.

Your kids in to Cricket: Watch Cricket On-screen with Your Kids

Watching cricket matches, whether live or highlights, can captivate a child’s imagination and fuel their interest in the sport. Spend quality time with your children watching cricket, pointing out exciting moments and discussing strategies. These shared experiences not only deepen your bond but also serve as educational opportunities, helping children understand the nuances of the game.

Your kids in to Cricket: Joining the Cricket Club

As your child’s interest in cricket blossoms, consider enrolling them in a local cricket club. Research clubs that offer programs tailored to young children, such as Kwick-Cricket or beginner-friendly initiatives. Many clubs organize fun-filled events where children can engage in cricket-themed activities in a supportive and non-competitive environment. The cricket club experience extends beyond the field, with the iconic cricket tea providing opportunities for social interaction and camaraderie. Involving children in preparing cricket teas at home can further nurture their connection to the sport and its traditions.

Why Cricket is a Great Game for Children?

Cricket offers children more than just a sport; it fosters social interaction, strategic thinking, leadership skills, and lasting friendships. Unlike many modern activities, cricket encourages patience, teamwork, and critical thinking, preparing children for life’s challenges. Through cricket, children learn the value of perseverance, discipline, and fair play, qualities that extend far beyond the boundaries of the pitch. Embracing cricket introduces children to a rich tapestry of experiences and relationships, enriching their lives in ways beyond measure.

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Summing it Up

In conclusion, introducing children to cricket is a rewarding journey that begins with simple activities like throwing and catching and evolves into a lifelong passion for the sport. By fostering a supportive and encouraging environment, parents and caregivers can ignite the spark of cricket in their children’s hearts. From backyard games to club memberships, each step contributes to a child’s holistic development, equipping them with invaluable skills and memories that last a lifetime. So, grab a ball, pick up a bat, and embark on this exciting adventure with your children – cricket awaits!

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