Can Aldo Molina Follow In Canelo’s Giant Footsteps?

Aldo Molina boxing debut

Boxing fans in Mexico and worldwide have long awaited the key dates of May 5 and September 15 to witness the electrifying performances of boxing’s biggest star, Canelo Alvarez. As the youngest son in a family of fighters from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico—a region steeped in boxing tradition—Canelo’s rise from local venues to filling the 70,000-seat Akron Stadium in Guadalajara for his victory over John Ryder last year is legendary.

As Canelo’s Hall of Fame career winds down, the question arises: who will be Mexico’s next boxing superstar?

One potential contender is Marco Verde from Sinaloa, recently qualified for the Olympics. However, the Molina family, much like Canelo’s, might soon make a significant impact on the sport. Oswaldo “Aldo” Molina, the youngest of three brothers, is set to make his professional debut later this year at 17. With an impressive amateur record of over 200 documented bouts and multiple national titles, Aldo aims to follow in Canelo’s footsteps.

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Aldo has signed a long-term management deal with Ryan Rickey, with his debut on ESPN this summer under Top Rank and Miura Boxing. Rickey expressed enthusiasm for Aldo’s future, mentioning plans for a U.S. debut by year-end.

Aldo, grateful for his father’s guidance, emphasized his commitment to hard work and his eagerness to learn. “I look forward to doing camps in the USA and learning as much as possible for many years to come and ultimately becoming a world champion,” he stated.

While it’s too soon to crown Aldo Molina as the next Canelo, his ambition and potential are clear. His journey is just beginning, but the young fighter from Jalisco is determined to carve out his legacy in the boxing world.

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