Bill Haney Confident: Devin Haney’s Focus Sharpens Ahead of Ryan Garcia Showdown

Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia

Devin Haney’s upcoming clash with Ryan Garcia on April 20 is drawing attention, with trainer Bill Haney asserting that Devin is at his peak for the fight.

Speaking to Fight Hub TV, Bill Haney expressed satisfaction with Devin’s preparation, noting additions to the camp that have infused it with great energy. Despite challenges, including what he perceives as antics from Garcia’s camp, Bill emphasized Devin’s unwavering focus and determination.

Regarding Devin’s progress, Bill highlighted a continuous improvement trend, attributing it to the team’s dedication. He suggested opponents hesitate to face Devin due to his evolving skill set.

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Addressing Devin’s strength in his second fight at 140 pounds, Bill assured that his power remains formidable, keeping opponents cautious. He mentioned Regis Prograis as an example of a fighter who felt Devin’s power, hinting at the potential to stop Garcia with a well-placed right hand.

Bill underlined the uniqueness of this fight, citing skepticism from prominent figures like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Canelo Alvarez, who have expressed doubts about Garcia’s readiness. Despite such challenges, Bill remains confident in Devin’s abilities and readiness to seize the opportunity

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