Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren Cast Doubt on Wilder vs. Zhang Fight Status

Wilder vs. Zhang fight

In response to the recent buzz surrounding a potential showdown between heavyweights Deontay Wilder and Zhilei Zhang, prominent figures in the boxing world have offered their perspectives. Amid reports suggesting a finalized fight scheduled for June 1, skepticism looms large.

Eddie Hearn, in a brief exchange with IFL TV, dismissed the notion that Wilder-Zhang was a done deal. “No,” Hearn stated plainly, “There’s a lot of heavyweight fights being discussed… that’s a great fight.” He emphasized the ongoing negotiations and the array of other significant matchups in the mix, hinting at the unpredictability of finalizing such deals.

Similarly, Frank Warren expressed discontent with the premature excitement surrounding the alleged Wilder-Zhang bout. “I’ve got nothing to say about it,” Warren remarked, visibly displeased. “Shouldn’t have been [put] out.” His terse response underscored a sense of frustration, suggesting that premature announcements could jeopardize potential agreements.

Despite the initial reports, doubts persist regarding the actualization of Wilder vs. Zhang. While speculation runs rampant in the boxing community, both Hearn and Warren’s reservations cast doubt on the fight’s current status. With June 1 looming and numerous contenders vying for attention, the certainty of this heavyweight spectacle remains uncertain.

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