Brandon Marshall Didn’t Hold Back Naming Worst NFL QB He Played With


Brandon Marshall, a wide receiver who played for six different teams throughout his 13-season NFL career, reflected on his experiences with various quarterbacks. Despite catching passes from 17 different QBs during his time on the field, Marshall was quick to identify Jay Cutler as the least impressive. On the show Hot Ones, Marshall expressed that Cutler, with immense potential, should have won a Super Bowl and possessed all the qualities to become a legendary quarterback. Marshall clarified that he isn’t labeling Cutler as a terrible quarterback but believes he fell short of reaching his full potential. Interestingly, Marshall’s declaration that Ryan Fitzpatrick was the best quarterback he played with elicited a notable reaction from Cam Newton. Despite his critique, Marshall acknowledges that he had his best season in 2012 with Cutler as his quarterback, achieving impressive statistics.

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However, the failure to secure a playoff spot that season still lingers as a point of frustration for Marshall, emphasizing the unfulfilled potential he perceived in Cutler’s career. Despite Cutler’s decent statistics during his eight seasons with the Bears, Marshall suggests that Cutler’s demeanor and perhaps a lack of drive contributed to the perception that he didn’t strive to be the best he could be.

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