Taylor Swift rushes in private jet from show in Tokyo to the Super Bowl


As the echoes of Taylor Swift’s latest song lingered in the ears of numerous fans at the Tokyo Dome on Saturday night, the singer hastily made her way to a private jet at Haneda airport. Presumably, she embarked on a closely observed journey to witness her boyfriend, NFL star Travis Kelce, participate in the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. Earlier, Swift had told the crowd, “We’re all gonna go on a great adventure,” referring to the music but possibly alluding to her time-sensitive journey across nine time zones and the international date line. Concluding her sold-out show with a final bow in a blue sequined outfit, amidst a screaming crowd, pulsating strobe lights, and falling confetti, Swift vanished beneath the stage, marking the commencement of her journey to the other side of the world.

The anticipated trip to see Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs play against the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas on Sunday, U.S. time, has sparked imagination and speculation for weeks. Office worker Hitomi Takahashi, 29, who had bought matching Taylor Swift sweatshirts with her friend, expressed, “I hope she can return in time. It’s so romantic.” The status of Swift’s departure was not immediately clear late Saturday. Approximately an hour after the concert’s end, Associated Press journalists observed activity near Haneda’s private jet area, with minivans arriving and individuals with large black umbrellas obstructing the view.

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The Saturday night concert showcased the unique cultural phenomenon of the Swift-Kelce relationship, blending professional football and Swift’s immense star power. The Tokyo Dome was filled with people donning sequined dresses in celebration of Swift, as well as Travis Kelce jerseys, hats, and other Chiefs gear. Some in Tokyo spent thousands of dollars to attend the pop superstar’s concerts during the week. Swift’s lyrics, “Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone,” echoed on Saturday night, but she won’t find such solitude on Sunday in Las Vegas, where a sold-out crowd and millions worldwide will be watching her.

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