Reimagining CFL Draft: Retrospective Redraft of First Overall Picks Since 2010

CFL draft first overall picks retrospective

Redrafting the top pick of each CFL draft since 2010 based on hindsight reveals some remarkable talent shifts:

2010 — OL Kristian Matte, from Concordia, becomes the first choice, previously picked seventh overall by the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Matte’s 13-season tenure with the Alouettes, where he’s played 185 games, highlights his durability and skill, earning him accolades like two Grey Cups and multiple all-star nods.

Honourable mentions include OL Ryan Bomben (Guelph), REC Shawn Gore (Bishop’s), and OL Patrick Neufeld (Saskatchewan).

2011 — LB Henoc Muamba retains his status as the top pick from St. FX, proving his initial selection by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers as the right choice. With an impressive career spanning multiple teams and adorned with accolades like Grey Cup MVP, Muamba solidifies his position.

Honourable mentions are DB Craig Butler (Western), K Rene Paredes (Concordia), and REC Brad Sinopoli (Calgary Stampeders).

2012 — DL Cleyon Laing, originally selected ninth by the Toronto Argonauts, emerges as the first overall pick. Laing’s consistency and dominance on the field, earning him multiple all-star selections, validate his elevated status in the redraft.

Honourable mentions include DL Justin Capicciotti (Simon Fraser), DB Courtney Stephen (Northern Illinois), and DL Jake Thomas (Acadia).

2013 — LB Boseko Lokombo, who slid to No. 21, gets the top nod, proving his worth with the BC Lions and later with NFL stints. Lokombo’s impact on the field, coupled with his versatility, make him a standout choice.

Honourable mentions are OL Shane Bergman (Western), DB Mike Edem (Calgary), and OL Nolan MacMillan (Iowa).

2014 — DB Antoine Pruneau, picked fourth by Ottawa, ascends to the first spot. Pruneau’s contributions to Ottawa’s inaugural years and his continued success underscore his reselection.

Honourable mentions include OL Matthias Goossen (Simon Fraser), DL David Menard (Montreal), and Derek Wiggan (Calgary Stampeders).

2015 — REC Nic Demski, initially selected sixth overall, becomes the top pick, showcasing his prowess with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and consistent improvement throughout his career.

Honourable mentions are OL David Beard (Alberta), OL Sukh Chungh (Calgary), and OL Sean McEwen (Calgary).

2016 — OL Brandon Revenberg, chosen third by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, rises to the top spot. Revenberg’s reliability and accolades, including multiple all-star selections, validate his reselection.

Honourable mentions include OL Michael Couture (Simon Fraser), DB Taylor Loffler (UBC), and LB Alex Singleton (Montana State).

2017 — LB Cameron Judge, originally selected second, reaffirms his status as the top pick. Despite initial challenges, Judge’s consistent performance and accolades position him as the standout choice.

Honourable mentions are DB Tunde Adeleke (Carleton), OL Dariusz Bladek (Bethune-Cookman), and DL Kwaku Boateng (Wilfrid Laurier).

2018 — OL Mark Korte, picked fourth, emerges as the first choice. Korte’s versatility and consistent performance highlight his reselection.

Honourable mentions include OL Darius Ciraco (Calgary), OL Ryan Hunter (Bowling Green), and DB Royce Metchie (Guelph).

2019 — RB Brady Oliveira, previously chosen, takes the top spot, showcasing his development into one of the league’s top players.

Honourable mentions are DL Mathieu Betts (Laval), OL Drew Desjarlais, and REC Kurleigh Gittens Jr. (Wilfrid Laurier).

2020 — QB Nathan Rourke, selected by the BC Lions, rises to the top as his impactful season earns him recognition as the league’s Most Outstanding Canadian.

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Honourable mentions are DB Marc-Antoine Dequoy (Montreal), REC Kian Schaffer-Baker (Guelph), and DB Stavros Katsantonis (UBC).

2021 — LB Ben Hladik, previously picked 22nd, emerges as the top choice. Hladik’s ascent to a full-time starter validates his reselection.

Honourable mentions are SAM Redha Kramdi (Montreal), OL Pier-Olivier Lestage (Montreal), and OL Peter Nicastro (Calgary).

2022 — REC Samuel Emilus, originally seventh overall, secures the top pick with his breakout season in 2023, highlighting his potential and impact on the field.

Honourable mentions are QB Tre Ford (Waterloo), OL Cyrille Hogan-Saindon (Laval), and REC Tyson Philpot (Calgary).

2023 — DL Lwal Uguak, initially picked seventh, becomes the first choice, showcasing his immediate impact and potential in the league.

Honourable mentions include REC Clark Barnes (Guelph), RB Thomas Bertrand-Hudon (Delaware State), and DL Noah Curtis (Keiser).

These redrafted picks demonstrate the hindsight-driven evaluation of talent, recognizing players’ contributions and potential beyond their original selection spots.

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