Charlotte Tilbury announces first sports partnership with all-female F1 Academy


Charlotte Tilbury’s announcement

Charlotte Tilbury is venturing into the world of motorsport through a groundbreaking partnership with the all-female F1 Academy. Renowned for its coveted beauty products like the Hollywood Flawless Filter and Beauty Highlighter Wand. Charlotte Tilbury’s collaboration represents a pioneering move as the first beauty brand to sponsor the Formula 1 junior series. The F1 Academy will showcase 15 talented young female drivers competing in seven races across three continents throughout the year.

Charlotte Tilbury announces first sports partnership with all-female F1 Academy

In an unprecedented stride, Lola Lovinfosse, a promising French driver, will drive a Charlotte Tilbury-branded car. Adorned with the iconic Hot Lips branding, under the Rodin Motorsport banner. At just 18 years old, Lovinfosse previously secured a commendable 10th position in the 2023 championship, marking the inaugural year of the series. The move is a testament to Charlotte Tilbury’s commitment to promoting diversity and representation within the traditionally male-dominated world of motorsport.

Charlotte Tilbury expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, acknowledging the considerable female following in motorsport. The F1 Academy, with its trailblazing young drivers, aligns with the brand’s dedication to supporting fearless women who challenge norms. The beauty brand aims to leverage its global platform to elevate this new generation of female drivers and contribute to breaking gender barriers in motorsport.

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The collaboration signifies a significant step toward transforming access to motorsport. Charlotte Tilbury’s involvement underscores a commitment to celebrate female pioneers within the industry and inspire a new generation of young women. The F1 Academy, led by Susie Wolff, is on a mission to provide young female drivers with the resources and support needed to compete at the highest level. Ultimately realizing their dreams of racing alongside Formula 1 legends like Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo.

As a beauty brand entering the world of motorsport sponsorship, Charlotte Tilbury’s move is a groundbreaking moment in the industry. The partnership not only supports female athletes in their pursuit of excellence. But also reflects a broader cultural shift toward inclusivity and representation in traditionally male-dominated spheres. The collaboration between Charlotte Tilbury and the F1 Academy is a bold statement, encouraging more brands to challenge stereotypes and contribute to creating a more diverse and accessible future for motorsport.

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