Jayson Tatum shoe promo might have cost the NBA millions


Voters had the opportunity to secure a complimentary year of League Pass by participating in a poll to determine which sneakers the Celtics star would sport during the All Star game. This collaboration between the NBA and NikeID in the lead-up to the All-Star weekend proved to be a costly venture for the league. Fans, in exchange for voting on Jayson Tatum’s shoe choice, were offered a year of free access to League Pass Premium, a streaming service that typically costs $22.99 per month or $275.88 annually.

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Despite the potential financial impact on the NBA, the promotion was not actively highlighted, with only a promotional tweet mentioning the shoe vote, which did not explicitly emphasize the free League Pass offer. Nevertheless, the promotion gained traction when user @notbigracks discovered and shared the polling link on Thursday, garnering over 1 million views. Many users confirmed that not only could they obtain the complimentary League Pass Premium subscription but also replace an existing subscription with the provided promo code to enjoy the same benefits.

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