Dallas Cowboys’ Plans for QB Dak Prescott Amid Contract Talks


The Dallas Cowboys find themselves at a pivotal juncture as they navigate the future contract of star quarterback Dak Prescott. Despite earlier optimism about securing a long-term deal, recent reports suggest Prescott is set to play out his current contract in 2024 with no immediate extension offers from the team.

While both Prescott and the Cowboys had expressed confidence in reaching an agreement, discussions seem to have hit a standstill. Team owner Jerry Jones indicated that they are focused on the upcoming season, hinting at financial constraints that may affect contract negotiations.

However, sources close to the situation affirm Dallas’ intention to retain Prescott beyond 2024, dispelling notions of allowing him to test free agency. Nevertheless, talks of a new deal are not currently underway.

Prescott’s standout performance in the 2023 season, leading the league in touchdown passes, underscores his value to the Cowboys. With his current contract including clauses that could see him hit free agency next year, the stakes are high for both parties.

As the Cowboys aim to balance financial obligations with their aspirations for success on the field, the future of Dak Prescott remains a focal point of discussion in NFL circles.

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