Duke Basketball’s Lack of Competitive Fire in ACC Tournament Loss

Duke basketball lacks competitive fire

Duke basketball faced a significant setback in the ACC Tournament, with head coach Jon Scheyer expressing deep disappointment after their one-and-done exit. Scheyer highlighted a recurring issue of lacking competitive fire, which was evident in their 74-69 loss to NC State. Kyle Filipowski, who had a stellar performance despite fouling out, pointed out that NC State’s hunger for victory surpassed Duke’s.

The absence of a postseason spark was noticeable in Duke’s recent games, including their regular-season finale against UNC and their previous encounter with NC State. Despite these challenges, Scheyer remains steadfast in his belief in the team’s potential heading into the NCAA Tournament, emphasizing the importance of unwavering faith in the group.

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However, the team acknowledges that they must show a greater desire to win than their opponents to avoid a repeat of last year’s early exit from March Madness. Filipowski expressed disappointment in the loss but remains focused on their ultimate goal of reaching the Final Four in Phoenix, seeing it as a chance for redemption after the ACC Tournament setback.

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