Betting Odds Shift: Usyk Becomes Favorite Over Fury

Usyk vs Fury Betting Odds

Oleksandr Usyk has emerged as the favored contender over Tyson Fury in recent betting trends. While neither Fury nor Usyk has fought recently, the perception in the betting world has shifted slightly in Usyk’s favor.

Last week, Fury was favored to win their upcoming heavyweight championship clash on May 18, but now Usyk has become the slight favorite at several major sportsbooks. For instance, at FanDuel, Fury was previously favored at -125, while Usyk was even-money (+100). However, the current odds show Usyk at -128 and Fury as the underdog at +104.

This change in odds is not significant, but it reflects a shift in perception based on recent events. One year ago, Fury was a clear favorite against Usyk, but now the odds have tightened, indicating a closer contest in the eyes of the betting public.

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The shift in perception towards Usyk is attributed to Fury’s lackluster performance in his last fight and concerns about his form and conditioning. Usyk’s victories over Anthony Joshua in 2021 and 2022 have also contributed to his favorability in the betting odds.

However, it’s important to note that betting odds can fluctuate, and the final outcome will ultimately be determined by the fighters’ performance on fight night.

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