Heather Hardy Takes on BKFC Challenge Against Christine Ferea

Heather Hardy BKFC Debut

Heather Hardy, a former WBO featherweight champion, has announced her entry into bare-knuckle fighting by challenging BKFC flyweight champion Christine Ferea on May 11th in Connecticut. Despite some concerns from her family and friends about the switch to this “barbaric sport,” Hardy, known as “The Heat,” is determined to showcase her boxing skills in the BKFC ring.

At 42 years old with a record of 24-3(4), Hardy is taking on the undefeated Ferea, who holds a record of 13-0 in bare-knuckle fighting. Although Hardy has also ventured into MMA with a 2-2 record, she is now focused on succeeding at the top level of bare-knuckle competition.

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Acknowledging the skepticism within the boxing community about this transition, Hardy expressed her commitment to representing the discipline of boxing and proving that skills translate across combat sports. The upcoming fight at The Mohegan Sun promises an exciting clash between Hardy’s experience and Ferea’s bare-knuckle prowess, making it a highly anticipated event in the combat sports world.

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