Understanding the Human Side: Ekholm and Draisaitl Reflect on Hit Concerning Mikko Rantanen

hit on Mikko Rantanen

Reflections on Last Night’s Game: Mattias Ekholm and Leon Draisaitl Acknowledge the Human Element in Mikko Rantanen’s Hit

In a post-game press conference, Mattias Ekholm addressed the incident involving his hit on Mikko Rantanen during last night’s matchup.

EDMONTON – “Seeing Rantanen stumble afterward, I never intend for anyone to get hurt,” expressed Ekholm regarding the collision. The Edmonton Oilers claimed a 6-2 victory over a fatigued Colorado Avalanche team, who had played the Minnesota Wild the previous night.

While the game showcased notable moments – including Connor McDavid’s two goals and Evander Kane ending his goal drought – the focus shifted to Rantanen’s well-being.

“Draisaitl’s sentiments echo mine; injuries, especially head injuries, are concerning,” shared Ekholm, emphasizing the human aspect of the game.

Acknowledging the rapid nature of hockey, Ekholm reviewed the play extensively. “I’ve reviewed the hit around 15 times during intermissions. I can’t identify any alternative actions. It appeared to be a shoulder-to-shoulder impact.”

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Reflecting on the replay, Ekholm recognized his split-second decision-making. “The play unfolded quickly, and Rantanen wasn’t anticipating it. I braced myself before the hit, opting to ease up rather than escalate the collision.”

With his seasoned experience in the NHL, Ekholm provided a thoughtful perspective on the incident, supported by video evidence.

Following the game, Avalanche coach Jared Bednar disclosed that Rantanen’s condition would undergo thorough evaluation.”

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