Gervonta Davis Sparks Controversy with Cryptic Ryan Garcia DM Exchange

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia

Gervonta Davis shook up the boxing world today by sharing a private exchange with Ryan Garcia regarding the recent controversy surrounding Garcia’s positive drug tests ahead of his bout with Devin Haney last April.

In the leaked conversation, Davis expressed support for Garcia while also issuing a warning that if Garcia is found guilty of cheating, he’ll face consequences. Garcia vehemently denied any wrongdoing, suggesting a rematch with Davis to settle matters in the ring and capitalize on the financial windfall such a bout would bring.

With Davis already locked in for a June 15th fight against Frank Martin, the timing seems right for a potential rematch with Garcia later in the year. Despite Haney’s accusations against Garcia, the prospect of a lucrative rematch between Davis and Garcia overshadows the doping scandal, with fans likely to flock to a rematch regardless of past controversies.

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Haney’s condemnation of Garcia as a cheater may backfire if Garcia is ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing, potentially leaving Haney looking out of touch with the boxing public. History shows that boxing fans often have short memories when it comes to doping scandals, with the allure of a high-profile rematch likely to eclipse any lingering concerns over past transgressions.

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