Ryan Garcia’s Father Speaks Out on Son’s Positive PED Tests

Ryan Garcia positive PED tests

Henry Garcia, father of boxing sensation Ryan Garcia, has stirred controversy on Instagram regarding his son’s recent positive tests for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) following his bout against Devin Haney.

In a post, Henry Garcia hinted at a potential conflict of interest, pointing out that Haney is associated with SNAC, headed by Victor Conte, who is affiliated with VADA, the testing agency that flagged Ryan’s two positive tests from their April 20th showdown. Henry also highlighted the shared presence of referee Harvey Dock in both Haney’s bout against Ryan and his previous controversial match against Vasily Lomachenko in 2023, where Haney secured a contentious victory.

“SNAC, Victor Conte, VADA testing, Harvey Dock… It’s alarming, folks. Safety is at stake here,” Henry Garcia expressed on Instagram. He emphasized that Ryan’s dominant performance against Haney is now under threat due to what he perceives as concerted efforts to discredit his son’s win.

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The criticism extends beyond the drug testing controversy. Fans have voiced dissatisfaction with Dock’s officiating during the Haney-Garcia fight, particularly regarding alleged leniency towards Haney’s holding tactics and the timing of a point deduction against Ryan in the seventh round. Some speculate that this deduction may have inadvertently aided Haney’s recovery after being knocked down earlier in the round.

Opinions on social media are divided, with some condemning Ryan’s positive tests as evidence of foul play, while others view them as part of a larger conspiracy to undermine his victory and bolster Haney’s career. Dock’s decisions during the fight have further fueled debate, with fans questioning the fairness and integrity of the officiating.

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