Guenther Steiner’s Latest Column: Advocating for Ollie Bearman’s Future in F1 and Reflecting on His Departure from Haas

Ollie Bearman impresses in F1 debut, Guenther Steiner's insights

Greetings, and welcome to my debut column on Although I’ve stepped down as Team Principal at Haas, I’m still very much involved in Formula 1, including sharing insights through columns like this throughout the season.

Let’s dive into an exciting story. Ollie Bearman impressed many during his stand-in role for Carlos Sainz at Ferrari in Jeddah, just as he did in FP1 sessions for Haas last year in Mexico and Abu Dhabi.

Replacing Carlos at such short notice was no small feat. Ollie was already on pole for an F2 race and then had to pivot to the F1 scene. Yet, he remained composed and performed admirably on one of F1’s most challenging tracks. His potential hasn’t gone unnoticed, and teams are likely keeping an eye on him.

During his FP1 outings with us, I always had confidence in Ollie’s abilities. He exuded control and showcased the same in Jeddah. His performance didn’t surprise me; I believed in his capabilities.

Last year, Fred Vasseur from Ferrari approached us about running Ollie in FP1 sessions, part of the team’s commitment to nurturing young talent. We agreed without much deliberation, given Fred’s expertise with young drivers and his thorough assessment of Ollie’s readiness.

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After witnessing his Jeddah performance, I’m inclined to advocate for Ollie in a race seat, depending on various factors like seat availability and team dynamics. While there’s always a risk, his solid handling of pressure in qualifying and the race indicates a promising future.

As for my departure from Haas, stepping back has given me clarity. I realized I may have stayed too long, aiming for mid-tier finishes instead of aiming higher. Just like successful teams like Mercedes and Red Bull took time to build their dominance, the right project in F1 requires patience and strategic planning.

While I’m currently enjoying a break from F1, I’m open to returning for the right opportunity and project.

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