Imam ul Haq and Ahmed Shehzad Clash in Heated Debate Over Babar Azam

Imam ul Haq and Ahmed Shehzad clash over Babar Azam

Pakistan cricketers Imam ul Haq and Ahmed Shehzad ignited a fiery exchange over the Pakistan cricket team’s selection process and the captaincy of Babar Azam.

The argument intensified when Shehzad accused Azam of favoritism in team selection, undermining meritocracy. He alleged that Azam’s preferences dictated team composition, sidelining deserving players. Shehzad criticized the persistent inclusion of senior players, arguing it stifles opportunities for younger talents. He highlighted Pakistan’s lack of major tournament victories since the Champions Trophy as a sign of deeper issues.

Shehzad also questioned the reappointment of Babar Azam as captain over Shaheen Afridi, suggesting unfairness in the decision-making process. He further claimed a clique within the team orchestrates social media campaigns to enhance their image.

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Imam ul Haq defended Azam, attributing his captaincy to the cricket board’s decision rather than personal choice. He countered Shehzad’s claims by pointing to Pakistan’s strong performances in recent T20 World Cups, indicating team cohesion and competence.

The debate escalated as Shehzad challenged Imam’s loyalty to Azam, insinuating contractual obligations influenced his stance. Imam dismissed these claims, urging Shehzad to voice concerns during his active career rather than post-retirement.

The host intervened, questioning why players critical of Azam still found places in the squad. Shehzad justified their inclusion by citing the under-performance of favored players and personal connections with higher authorities.

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