New York Knicks Secure Two Promising Shooters in Latest Mock Draft

New York Knicks draft picks

Amidst their intense playoff series, the New York Knicks are gearing up for the upcoming NBA Draft, scheduled for June 26-27.

Following the lottery, where the Atlanta Hawks claimed the top spot, the Knicks finalized their draft order. While they didn’t land in the lottery, they hold consecutive picks at Nos. 24 and 25, along with a second-round pick at No. 38.

In ESPN’s latest mock draft, the Knicks opted for Miami’s Kyshawn George with their No. 24 selection.

“Opinions vary on George across NBA circles, but his combination of shooting, playmaking, and size presents intriguing potential,” ESPN notes. “For the Knicks, who have been building up their talent pool, George offers an enticing upside. However, he’ll need significant improvement in various aspects, particularly scoring inside.”

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Following up, the Knicks chose Carlton Carrington from Pittsburgh with their next pick.

“Given the Knicks’ depth and versatility, they can afford to invest in long-term prospects,” ESPN explains. “Carrington, one of the youngest prospects in this draft, will require time to develop physically and gain experience. Yet, his size, sharpshooting, and basketball IQ make him a worthwhile bet for a team in this range.”

Considering the Knicks’ current playoff contention and Coach Tom Thibodeau’s tendency to rely on seasoned players, it’s possible the team might explore trading one or both picks. Additionally, any rookies brought in will likely undergo further development in the G League with Westchester next season.

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