Newfoundland Growlers’ Departure Leaves Fans Heartbroken

Newfoundland Growlers

Newfoundland Growlers fans are reeling from the abrupt departure of their beloved hockey team, following the ECHL’s decision to terminate its membership. Evan Purcell, known for his unwavering support, organized a farewell gathering outside the Mary Brown’s Centre to honor the team’s legacy.

Reflecting on the vibrant atmosphere, Dwan Street shared fond memories of game nights in Section 102. Niall Hickey expressed concern for the local economy, as businesses relied on the influx of patrons during games. Paul Loder, deeply invested in the team, likened the news to a personal loss, emphasizing the lack of closure for fans. Doug Redmond highlighted the team’s charitable endeavors, which now face an uncertain future.

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Despite the setback, CEO Brent Meade remains optimistic about the city’s enduring passion for hockey, vowing to explore alternative opportunities for the arena.

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