St. John’s Set to Disclose Financial Details of Growlers’ Eviction Resolution

St. John's sports and entertainment

The Capital City is set to address developments surrounding the Newfoundland Growlers this afternoon. St. John’s Sports and Entertainment has unveiled previously undisclosed financial details stemming from a resolution agreement with Deacon Sports and Entertainment following the Growlers’ temporary eviction from Mary Brown’s Centre in 2021.

Earlier withheld information from the statements spanning 2019 to 2021 is now slated for release, following a recent Supreme Court ruling mandating the unredacted disclosure.

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Notably, the documents outline payments totaling $1.29 million to Deacon, with $600,000 designated for eviction-related expenses. The remaining funds were allocated for various lease-related matters, including over $546,000 for new LED ring signage—of which a substantial portion was directed to a third party—and $141,000 pertaining to the facility’s naming rights cash flow schedule.

Councillor Ron Ellsworth is scheduled to address the media regarding these revelations at 3 p.m. today.

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