Meet the Strategic Sports Group investors, PGA Tour and Saudi PIF executives vying for a place in pro golf’s future


On December 10, the PGA Tour’s policy board disclosed its decision to enter into discussions with the Strategic Sports Group (SSG), an external investment group comprising investors from U.S.-based professional sports teams. This announcement followed the PGA Tour, DP World, and Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund’s surprising framework agreement six months earlier, establishing a for-profit entity named PGA Tour Enterprises.

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan provided an update to players on New Year’s Eve, highlighting the “meaningful progress” achieved in negotiations with the SSG. Although the December 31 deadline for the framework agreement with the Public Investment Fund was not met, discussions with the Saudi-backed fund were described as “active and productive.”

ESPN suggests that up to $7 billion could be involved if both the SSG and Public Investment Fund are engaged. This situation presents an unprecedented opportunity for both tours, the SSG, and the PIF to reshape professional golf. The decisions made in the coming weeks and months have the potential to propel the game into the future. However, failure to reach agreements and continued division at the professional level could result in the sport resembling tennis, where only major events receive extensive coverage, relegating week-to-week tour action to a minor role.

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It is worth familiarizing oneself with the individuals involved, from the consortium of SSG investors to the PIF and PGA Tour executives, as they may play a significant role in the future of professional golf.

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