Rohit Sharma Criticizes Broadcasters for Eavesdropping on ‘Private’ Chats

IPL 2024 Rohit Sharma Privacy Concern

Renowned Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma has taken a stand against Star Sports, the broadcasters of IPL 2024, for their practice of recording private conversations among players, labeling it a breach of privacy.

Sharma, slated to lead India in the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024, emphasized the importance of exercising common sense, cautioning that the pursuit of exclusivity could jeopardize the relationship between fans, players, and the sport itself.

In a social media post on his platform X, Sharma expressed dismay over the intrusive nature of cameras, which seem to capture every aspect of a cricketer’s life, including private interactions with friends and colleagues during training or on match days.

“Despite my requests to refrain from recording my conversations, Star Sports proceeded to do so and even aired them, violating my privacy,” Sharma remarked in his post. “The relentless pursuit of exclusive content, solely focused on garnering views and engagement, risks eroding the trust between fans, players, and the game itself. Let’s exercise better judgment.”

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Sharma’s stance follows the recent circulation of his private discussions with Kolkata Knight Riders’ assistant coach Abhishek Nayar on social media platforms.

Earlier, the former Mumbai Indians skipper had appealed to Star Sports to mute the audio while filming him during conversations with teammates, citing a previous incident where an audio clip caused him trouble.

It’s noteworthy that Sharma was replaced as captain of MI by Hardik Pandya before the commencement of IPL 2024. However, the decision received backlash from fans, with Pandya facing hostility from the crowd in several stadiums throughout the season. Despite being five-time IPL champions, MI ended the tournament at the bottom of the points table, managing just four wins in 14 matches. Pandya’s individual performance also raised concerns amidst the disappointing season for the team.

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