T20 World Cup: Sanjay Manjrekar Criticizes Pakistan’s ‘Gully Cricket’ Performance

Sanjay Manjrekar mocks Pakistan cricket

Former Indian cricketer and cricket analyst Sanjay Manjrekar did not hold back in his critique of Pakistan’s shocking defeat to the USA in the T20 World Cup on Thursday, describing the team’s performance as akin to ‘gully cricket.’

“Pakistan has always been unpredictable. We have seen numerous upsets, but the Pakistan of yesteryears – the world champions of ’92 and the T20 champions of 2009 – is now just a memory,” Manjrekar stated. “Today’s Pakistan doesn’t showcase the same strength. This isn’t solely based on today’s outcome.”

Manjrekar’s sharp analysis of Pakistan’s current form gained significant attention. “It was undoubtedly an upset, a significant moment in the USA’s young cricketing journey,” he acknowledged. “But this also highlights Pakistan’s decline to rock bottom—not merely due to the loss, but because their play resembled ‘gully cricket’.”

Manjrekar elaborated, “That’s the impression I got. Watching Mohammad Amir’s Super Over, the misfielding, and the overall performance, it’s evident that Pakistan is at its lowest.”

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The match, held at a packed Grand Prairie Stadium in Dallas, saw the USA choosing to field after winning the toss. Pakistan’s innings was marked by inconsistent batting. Despite a resilient half-century from captain Babar Azam, the rest of the lineup struggled, posting a total of 159 runs.

In reply, the USA’s top order showcased determination, managing to stay on par with the required run rate despite facing some pressure moments.

The game reached a thrilling conclusion with the USA tying the score at 159, leading to a Super Over.

In the Super Over, Pakistan’s performance was riddled with errors, including misfielding and erratic bowling by Mohammad Amir. The USA capitalized on these mistakes, securing a historic victory.

Manjrekar’s frank comments have sparked widespread discussion among cricket fans and analysts about the current state of Pakistan cricket and the steps necessary for a revival of their former glory.

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