Vitor Belfort Warns Mike Tyson about Jake Paul Fight

Vitor Belfort, Jake Paul, Mike Tyson

Vitor Belfort, the former UFC champion who famously knocked out Evander Holyfield in just over a minute, has issued a stern warning to Mike Tyson regarding his upcoming exhibition fight against Jake Paul.

In an exclusive interview with World Boxing News, Belfort shared his insights on Tyson’s decision to step into the ring against a much younger opponent. “It’s a lucrative opportunity for both fighters, no doubt, but Tyson needs to ensure he’s not just training for this fight alone,” Belfort emphasized. “Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for any fighter, regardless of age.”

Reflecting on his own victory over Holyfield, Belfort admitted that while the sport is unpredictable and anything can happen, he doesn’t see Tyson as the same fighter he once was. “This fight feels more like an exhibition, and Tyson may not possess the same ferocity he had in his prime,” he added.

Concerns have been raised about Tyson’s ability to handle a 16-minute fight at his age, especially against a younger and potentially more energetic opponent like Paul. Belfort understands these worries all too well, having experienced similar doubts prior to his own bout with Holyfield.

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Looking ahead, Belfort expressed interest in facing the winner of the Tyson-Paul bout, indicating that he’s open to the possibility of fighting Paul himself if the opportunity arises. “I’m seeking the right fight for me, and I believe I deserve a shot at the winner of this matchup,” he stated. “Paul has shown remarkable improvement, and I respect that.”

At 47, Belfort remains a formidable presence in the world of combat sports, with potential matchups against either Tyson or Paul generating significant interest among fans. Regardless of the outcome on July 20, Belfort is poised to make his mark in the ring once again.

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