Downsizing the Game: Exploring the Top 5 Smallest Tennis Courts


Tennis, traditionally known for its standardized court dimensions, offers a level playing field for competitors. However, a handful of courts break the mold, opting for a more intimate experience. Here’s a glimpse into the top 5 smallest tennis courts in the world:

1. The Court at Glenmere (Hudson Valley, USA) – Dimensions: Unknown (Estimated: Smaller than regulation)

Nestled amidst the picturesque Hudson Valley in New York State lies The Court at Glenmere which is on the top list for one of the smallest tennis courts. This private court boasts a unique clay surface and a charmingly rustic setting. While the exact dimensions are unknown, it’s estimated to be smaller than a regulation court. This creates a unique challenge for players, demanding greater focus on touch and finesse rather than powerful strokes.

2. The Rooftop Courts at Public (New York City, USA) – Dimensions: 64 ft. (19.5 m) x 20 ft. (6.1 m)

Perched atop a luxury hotel in New York City another one of the smallest tennis courts, The Rooftop Courts at Public offer a breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline. These two courts are significantly smaller than regulation size, measuring 64 feet in length and 20 feet in width. This compact size necessitates a modified game, often played with doubles and shorter rallies. However, the stunning backdrop and exclusivity of the venue make it a popular choice for social matches and events.

3. The Floating Court at Jumeirah Beach Hotel (Dubai, UAE) – Dimensions: Unknown (Estimated: Smaller than regulation)

Taking the concept of a unique court to a whole new level, the Floating Court at Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai sits amidst the crystal-clear waters of the Arabian Gulf. While the exact dimensions are unknown, it’s safe to assume it is one of the smallest tennis courts and it’s smaller than a regulation court due to the logistical challenges of building a floating structure. Playing on this court offers an unparalleled experience, with the gentle sway of the waves adding an extra layer of difficulty and a breathtaking vista for players.

4. The Court at Kensington Palace (London, England) – Dimensions: Unknown (Estimated: Smaller than regulation)

Steeped in history, the hidden court at Kensington Palace in London is believed to have been used by members of the British Royal Family for leisure purposes. Details about the court’s size are scarce, but historical accounts suggest it’s smaller than a standard court. The mystique surrounding this private court adds to its intrigue, making it a fascinating entry on this list.

5. Court Central at Hotel Château-Bromont (Bromont, Canada) – Dimensions: 64 ft. (19.5 m) x 23 ft. (7 m)

Nestled within the luxurious confines of Hotel Château-Bromont in Quebec, Canada, Court Central offers a unique take on the sport. Measuring 64 feet in length and 23 feet in width, it’s slightly larger than some other entries on this list but still falls short of regulation size. This court provides a comfortable setting for guests to enjoy a casual game of tennis amidst the scenic beauty of the Canadian countryside.

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People Also Ask

How small can a tennis court be?

There’s no official minimum, but for basic play, it would likely be close to a mini court size: around 36ft (11m) long by 20ft (6m) wide.

What is a mini tennis court?

Mini courts are smaller versions of regular courts, ideal for beginners, kids, or casual play. You’ll often find them in schools, parks, or backyards.

What’s a mini court in general?

Mini courts can refer to scaled-down versions of courts used in various sports, like basketball or badminton.

Are there different sized tennis courts?

es, while professional courts have set sizes (78ft x 27ft for singles, 36ft wide for doubles), some facilities might have smaller courts for practice or casual play. These would still be bigger than mini courts and keep the standard court’s aspect ratio.

Can you play regular tennis on a mini court?

No, mini courts are too small for regular tennis. The limited space restricts proper movement and strokes used in the regular game.

Wrapping It Up!

From hidden courts steeped in history to luxurious rooftop venues, these smallest tennis courts offer a unique twist on the sport. While size may not matter for professional matches, these courts prioritize an intimate experience, breathtaking backdrops, and a focus on finesse over power.

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